Portable Space Engine

Builder's Guide

 Last updated by Mars on 09/04/97 for Version 0.8.2. 

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This guide is currently a work-in-progress. As I receive feedback and the engine evolves, I'll add more useful information.

There are three main parts to this document. The first outlines the basic means of configuring the basic specifications of objects, including ships and starbases. The second describes the spacecall mechanism, which is the way that the MU* sends messages to the space engine, either asking it for information or commanding it to do something. The third describes the event model which is the real strength of the Portable Space Engine. Using events, you can code your space objects to react to things going on around them, using ordinary MU* softcode and spacecalls.

Section I: Configuring Objects

Section II: Spacecalls, "How the MUX talks to the engine"

Section III: Events, "How the engine talks to the MUX."