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PSE Example Object


This is an example of a damage console using the PSE. No color is used on this due to the nature of the PSE hardcode (i.e. Color must be hardcoded - can not be softcoded with damage functions). It stores which team is working on what, so in the event of a @shutdown damage teams are assigned as they were.


Please note - That for the @startup of this object to work the object _MUST_ be in space (since the sc call will give an error message if its not). To make it work right the GOD character needs to add all ship objects into the space DB in his @startup (use slicer's Space utility object, or mine when it comes out if you do not know how to do it). Note: The DAMAGE HELP command is missing. Commands are: DAM STATUS, DAM TEAM STATUS, DAM TEAM <team#> TO <systemname>. Also note two global functions need to be declared - You can either add them in with the @function command, or hardcode them in, or change the files below manually: re_() - [edit(%0,%b,_)] de_() - [edit(%0,_,%b)] They're simple and I use them A LOT in my code. Post this in with the GOD Character (since u need to give it the wizbit) - I give it WIZ powers for my master console parent (don't forget to @addparent yours to it)


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Last changed: 15-Feb-2005 Mark Cooke <mpc@star.sr.bham.ac.uk>