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Patch 0.9.10

+ Added the gun arc support from Chris DiPierro.

  NOTE: You *must* set CF_GUN_ARC to 63 to emulate
        the previous behaviour if you upgrade to this,
        or any later release. Failure to do so will
        mean your guns will not be able to fire at

+ Added get_debug_char() and set_debug_char(dbref)
  calls to replace the @admin parameter used in
  TinyMUX and TinyMUSH for selecting the log object.

+ Updated the help files for the changes in this release.

+ Fixed bugs reported by Michael Rudel:

  - Fixed help for cause_damage spacecall.
  - Fixed 'detail ' so emit only to the
    player using the command, rather than all of the
    tactical consoles. (It's not a 'change of state'
    hence only to the player)
  - Fixed the EV_DESTROYED/EV_TAKE_DAMAGE interaction,
    so that EV_TAKE_DAMAGE is not called if the object
    is destroyed by the damage taken.

+ Updated patches for TinyMUX, TinyMUSH and PennMUSH
  to remove the @admin parameter code from Tiny*, and
  to rework the spacecall permission checks so they are
  the same with all three engines.
  [Based on Penn support work by Michael Rudel]

+ Sensor bug found and corrected during object
  initialization. This should fix all the misplaced
  objects reported by the sensor_sanity spacecall.
  [Thanks to Chris DiPierro for helping track this down]

+ Updated the character used to indicate the space
  flag to a 'y' on the Tiny* platform, as 'z' is
  already used in Penn.

  NOTE: You are strongly recommended to re-apply the
        PSE patch to a clean copy of your server.
        Significant changes were made in the server-PSE
        interface for this release which requires that
        the new patch be applied.

Special Instructions

The addition of gun arc support requires a CF_GUN_ARC attribute to be set on all ships, or they will not be able to fire. See the documentation for more details.

The method by which PSE and your MU* server are linked has been revised in this revision of the PSE.

It is NOT recommended that you apply the patch to 0.9.9, but that you re-apply the PSE patch to a clean distribution of the server you are using.

Difference Statistics

 CHANGES                             |   47 ++++
 CREDITS                             |   13 !
 INSTALL                             |   15 
 README                              |    8 
 docs-src/src/config-ships.body      |   21 ++
 docs-src/src/debug-index.body       |   10 !
 docs-src/src/sc/cause_damage        |   10 !
 docs-src/src/sc/cause_system_damage |    7 
 docs-src/src/sc/get_debug_char      |    5 
 docs-src/src/sc/set_debug_char      |    5 
 patches/patch-pennmush-1.7.2p12     |   16 +
 patches/patch-tinymush-2.2.3        |  158 ---------------
 patches/patch-tinymux-1.4p16        |  250 +++++++---------!!!!!!!!!!
 patches/patch-tinymux-1.5p7         |  193 -------------!!!!!!
 src/commands.c                      |   31 +++
 src/damage.c                        |   28 !!
 src/dbint.h                         |    2 
 src/object.c                        |    3 
 src/platform.c                      |   32 !!!
 src/platform.h                      |    1 
 src/pseint.h                        |    3 
 src/sensors.c                       |   86 +!!!!!!!
 src/ship.h                          |   15 !
 src/tactical.c                      |   98 !!!!!!!!!!
 src/version.h                       |    2 
 25 files changed, 241 insertions(+), 379 deletions(-), 439 modifications(!)


This code is provided as a development release. Not all of the functionality noted in the documentation may be present, and correct operation of the included components is not guaranteed. Caveat Emptor.

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