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Patch 0.9.13

+ Fixed energy allocation bug. Previously, allocations
  of huge energy amounts would overflow an int counter
  used to check the total allocation against the
  allocated energy. Thanks to Hans for prodding me 
  again on this.
+ Corrected the return type from the distance function
  to be range_t. A few related type changes in the code.
+ Completed the weapons lock/unlock/abort message set.
  EV_ENEMY_LOCK_ACHIEVED events as part of this update.		
+ Added EV_TIMER events. This implementation creates
  timer lists for each space. Timers are created using
  the add_timer spacecall, and an optional soft-code id
  string is stored with the event. Single shot,
  multi-shot, and repeating events can be setup. Each
  space object can have multiple event timers active.
  A del_timer spacecall can delete all the timers for
  the object, or any that match a given id string.

  add_timer(first interval, other invervals, repeat, id)

  The id can be an empty string. The repeat count can
  be 0, which indicates a timer that repeats forever
  (until it is removed)


  The id can be an empty string, which will remove all
  the timers for the object.

  EV_TIMER is called with 'id' as the first parameter,
  and the number of times that the timer has been
  triggered in the second parameter.
+ Added an optional 'run_cycle(space)' spacecall for
  using PSE with turn based games. You need to uncomment
  the appropriate #define in spaceconf.h.
  Note: there are 6 cycles to a complete turn, and the
  spacecall only sets a flag which is tested every second.
  Expected use:

  Add a 'control' object to each space, and set a repeating
  timer on it. The EV_TIMER event is called before the
  main cycle update code, so you can use it to issue all
  the spacecalls that you queued up in the last turn.


  Space can be -1 to indicate all spaces, or just an
  individual space.


Standard installation instructions apply.

Difference Statistics

 CHANGES                         |   61 ++++
 docs-src/src/events-combat.body |    6 
 docs-src/src/events-misc.body   |    7 
 docs-src/src/sc/add_timer       |    9 
 docs-src/src/sc/del_timer       |    5 
 docs-src/src/sc/run_cycle       |    6 
 src/comm.c                      |    2 
 src/commands.c                  |   96 +++++-!!
 src/damage.c                    |    2 
 src/dbint.h                     |    8 
 src/eng.c                       |   28 !!
 src/events.c                    |   18 !
 src/nav.c                       |    6 
 src/object.c                    |  111 !!!!!!!!
 src/sensors.c                   |   24 !
 src/shields.c                   |   27 !
 src/smain.c                     |  386 ++++++++++++++++++++!!!!!!!!!!
 src/smisc.c                     |   10 
 src/smisc.h                     |    2 
 src/space.h                     |   22 +
 src/spaceconf.h                 |    8 
 src/tactical.c                  |  290 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 src/version.h                   |    2 
 23 files changed, 450 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-), 682 modifications(!)


This code is provided as a development release. Not all of the functionality noted in the documentation may be present, and correct operation of the included components is not guaranteed. Caveat Emptor.

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