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The Portable Space Code has provision for a number of separate universes. There is a constant, SPACE_LIMIT, defined in the spaceconf.h file. This value is used to directly initialise the array used for each space.

Unfortunately, there are a number of places SPACE_LIMIT is incorrectly checked, and where it is possible to access data beyond the allocated space. (A number of checks are made for > SPACE_LIMIT, where the correct check is >= SPACE_LIMIT)

This patch corrects these limit checks, and so prevents an out of bounds pointer from crashing the engine.

Installation Notes

  1. Download S70901.gz
  2. Change to your space directory (eg ~/mux/src/space)
  3. Uncompress the patch using gunzip -d S70901.gz
  4. Run patch < S70901
  5. Add -DS70901 to the CFLAGS line in the Makefile to enable this patch
  6. Recompile the space code
  7. Change to your mux source directory (eg ~/mux/src)
  8. Recompile your MUX
  9. Log into your MUX and @restart it.
  10. Check @version shows that S70901 is compiled in.

This code is provided as a service to the community using the Portable Space Code. By using this code, you agree that the author is not responsible in any way for any damage caused.

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