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The main change in this patch is a set of corrections to the short contact list code, and some 0.9.x features. The fixes in here prevent a couple of SEGVs in the contact code if a non-ship object uses contact list spacecalls.

NOTE: See the information about S71115 for the changes needed to support the new console arrangements which are also in this release.

Installation Notes

  1. Download S71222c.gz if you are going to apply this to a clean 0.8.6
  2. Download S71222.gz if you are going to apply this to 0.8.6 + S71206
  3. Change to your space directory. (eg space-0.8.6 or space-s71206)
  4. Uncompress the patch using gunzip -d S71222.gz or gunzip -d S71222c.gz
  5. Run patch -p1 < S71222 or patch -p1 < S71222c
  6. Read the CHANGES file, and look through the source to see what's changed.
  7. Edit spaceconf.h to enable/disable the features you want
  8. Recompile the space code.
  9. If the warnings about discarding 'const' worry you, edit the externs.h and stringutils.c in the mux directory to make the first parameter 'const char *' instead of just 'char *'.
  10. Change to your mux source directory (eg ~/mux/src)
  11. Recompile your MUX
  12. Log into your MUX and @restart it.
  13. Check @version shows that the features you wanted are compiled in.
  14. Update the softcode to deal with the new features/changes.

This code is provided as a service to the community using the Portable Space Code. By using this code, you agree that the author is not responsible in any way for any damage caused.

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